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Born in 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela. From a very young age he shows great talent and ease for drawing, painting and handicrafts in general, reaching his first recognition at age 16 for "best applied technique" in a national portrait contest. One of his hobbies was static modeling, a hobby that gave him multiple awards in local competitions and a review in the international magazine Fine Escale Modeler for being among the 60 best dioramas of 2004. He studied industrial administration and administration of material and financial resources but in parallel he would continue for many years drawing and painting in a self-taught way, learning from trial and error and self-criticism, always seeking to reach the maximum resemblance to the reference of the scene he wanted to capture.

From 2011 he takes classes at the Museo Tesari -Rizzo under the tutelage of the renowned Italian-Venezuelan artist Patrizia Rizzo. For 6 years he perfected the techniques of drawing and oil painting, nurturing his knowledge, criteria and analysis of hyperrealist figurative art, marking an important milestone in his life as an artist.

In 2017 he travels to South Carolina to take intensive courses at Blair School of Realism with the renowned international American artist Dru Blair, tackling the genre of photorealism, under the technique of airbrushing, acquiring knowledge and tools that print new textures and sensations to his already detailed work.

The learning and the improvement of his technique does not stop, Alejandro Brito expresses in his landscape and figurative work the maximum expression of color and life, transporting the viewer to the scene and making him stop to detail and feel the work.

2018 Art Expo Santa Fe, exposición colectiva, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2018 O Espacio Galería, exposición colectiva, El Rosal, Caracas.

2018 Art Expo New York, exposición colectiva, New York.

2018 ART Expo Las Vegas, exposición colectiva, Las Vegas, Nevada.

2017 SPECTRUM Miami Art Show, exposición colectiva , Miami Florida.

2017 Revista Somos Seguros- Edición No. 34, sección Arte Seguro – Alejandro Brito.

2015   Sepia Galería, exposición colectiva, C.C.C.T, Caracas.

2014   Reseña especial revista EXCLUSIVA, No. 53, "Alejandro Brito: Máxima fidelidad".

2013   Museo Tessari Rizzo, XXII Exposición Colectiva, Caracas.

2013  A Priori Art Gallery, exposición colectiva, Ciudad de Panamá.

2013   Galería de Arte Innovador, exposición colectiva, C.C. Paseo El Hatillo, Caracas.

2012   Galería Algo de Mí, exposición colectiva, Centro Letonia Caracas.

2011   Mercado de Artes Plásticas, exposición colectiva, C.C. Millenium, Caracas.

2010   Galería HU Concept Design, exposición colectiva, C.C. Chacaito, Caracas.

2008   Expresarte Galería, exposición colectiva, C.C. Casa Mall, Los Naranjos, Caracas.

Limited editions of Canvas Prints.

These are prints created from high-resolution photos of some of Alejandro Brito's works, printed with Hahnemuhle photographic canvas -Daguerre Canvas 400 gsm, which offers a texture similar to the canvas of the original work, guaranteeing maximum fidelity of the image and durability of the piece. Each print is inspected, signed and numbered by Alejandro Brito and packed in a hard cardboard tube.

The dimensions of the reproductions are of smaller sizes than the original work.

Works available for prints

Alejandro Brito

Phone: +58 416-702-0545